The People Behind Brexit Just Made A Massive Move To Split California… It’s Happening


According to reports, the people responsible for backing an initiative campaign to split California for two have just signed on political help to finalize the task.

When President Trump first won the presidency, progressives wanted the entire state to leave the United States or ‘Cal-exit.’ This is not the first time an idea like this has been on the table. Plenty of ideas have been introduced to split California into two separate states. While the idea originated as “north vs. south” some GOP leaders see a more natural political divide throughout the state.

There are a group of people in California desperate to break up with Hollywood, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Political experts Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, also known as “the bad boys of Brexit”, have agreed to manage the initiative.

“Seventy-eight percent of people in California are unhappy with their government,” Banks said of the measure. “It’s the world’s sixth-largest economy and it’s very badly run.”

The goal of the efforts is to get the initiative qualified for the ballot in November 2018. According to The Times, backers of the split say ‘big money’ is already working to fuel the effort.

“One dinner raised about $500,000 from several hundred guests,” The Times reports. “A similar sum was raised at a more select gathering for wealthy donors—many of whom were agriculture tycoons, tech entrepreneurs, and lawyers disillusioned with the liberal Democrats who run the state.”

The group has their work cut out for them—they’ll need 365,880 signatures to put the initiative on the ballot.

“Their goal is to pit the rural east of California, which is more likely to vote Republican, against the ‘liberal coastal elites’ of the west coast including L.A. and San Francisco,” The Sun reports. The effort is a response to the fact that the Democrats hold majorities in both the Assembly and Senate in California, as well as both U.S. Senate seats and the majority of the congressional seats.

“This could be the greatest political showdown ever,” Farage told reporters.


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