Michael Moore Is Trying To Force An Emergency Gov Shutdown, Look What Happened Instead


On ce again, Michael Moore is attempting to profit off of the irrational fear that liberals are harboring of President Trump.

“The Democratic Party needs to declare a National Emergency. For the first time in our history,” Moore wrote randomly on Twitter.

But Moore didn’t stop there. He posted a photo explaining his absurd claim with the following: “For the first time in our history, the President of the United States and his staff are under investigation for espionage.”

“This announcement, by the head of the Trump-friendly FBI, is a shock to our democracy,” Moore continued. “The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate needs to bring a halt to all business being done in the name of this potential felony suspect, Donald J. Trump.”

“No bill he supports, no Supreme Court nominee he has named, can be decided while he is under a criminal investigation. His presidency has no legitimacy until the FBI—and an independent investigative committee—discovers the truth. Fellow citizens, demand the Democrats cease all business,” the liberal extremist continued. Mind you, he had no problem supporting Hillary in the presidential election.

“The American people have a right to know if their President is a crook,” Michael Moore said, quoting Nixon.

Fortunately, Moore’s claims went widely ignored.