After Attacking Trump, John Mccain Gets Career Ending News… It’s Happening

Arizona Senator John McCain has been on a media tour for months now bashing Donald Trump every chance he could get. This week, he did this once again when he hit Trump with a particularly low blow.

It’s no secret that Trump’s idol is former President Ronald Reagan. That’s why McCain was taking a clear shot at Trump when he said that he has absolutely nothing in common with Reagan.

Western Journalism reported that CNN’s David Axelrod asked McCain specifically if he saw any similarities between Trump and Reagan.

“No, I don’t,” McCain answered.

McCain went on to explain that he believes Trump’s foreign policy–particularly with Russia diverges significantly from that of the Reagan administration, and that he finds it alarming. He also talked about how Reagan handled communism and slammed Trump’s claim that there is any similarity between the U.S. and Russian governments.

As evidence, the Arizona senator used the CNN interview in which Trump said that the U.S. does not have the moral high ground when it comes to Russia.

“We’ve got a lot of killers,” Trump said, “What do you think, our country’s so innocent?”

“To state that there’s some moral equivalency between an imperfect nation–that’s the United States of America–and Vladimir Putin is appalling,” McCain said. “I think it’s pretty clear that there’s a difference between, well, aren’t we killers and the guy that stood there and said, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, take down this wall.”

Unfortunately for McCain, Twitter users have made it clear that they are sick of seeing him bash Trump, and they have turned to him to the point where it will be difficult for him to get reelected:






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