Al Sharpton Just Demanded Ivanka Trump Be Kicked Out Of The White House For ABSURD Reason!

Will somebody please tell Al Sharpton to shut up?

We know. Like everyone else in America, the race-baiting hustler Sharpton has a right to his opinions, no matter how outrageous.

But there are those times — which is almost all of the time — when those hip-shot points of view of his are so damned ridiculous you want to tell Al “Street Corner” Sharpton to get a real job, maybe as a fact-checker working at the Washington Post.

Sharpton’s latest tirade was aimed at Donald Trump’s lovely daughter Ivanka, the popular fashion designer. She has just been given an office in the West Wing of the White House, where she will work as a private consultant to the president.


Giving a office on the West Wing of Ivanka Trump, somebody explain to me how you can give security clearance, access to classified material, and a office to somebody that don’t have a title or job?” Sharpton said.

Big Al Sharpton makes a lot of assumptions here. First, he assumes President Trump gave an office “on” the West Wing of Ivanka, whatever that means. But we’ll give Al the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he meant.

Second, there are many levels of security clearance given to White House staff and employees. It is doubtful Ivanka will need a high level of security clearance as a private consultant. It is even less likely — improbable is more like it — that the First-Daughter will be given access to any material of a classified nature.

Third, Ivanka Trump does have a job and a title — private consultant to the president.

Fourth, we have no idea what Ivanka will be paid in salary. For all we know, she is working for her father pro bono or on the cheap.

It’s sounding more like Al Sharpton, who doesn’t like to pay his taxes regularly or on time, is talking out of his kiester.

That’s understandable. There’s no money in it for him.

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