CIA Officer Drops Bombshell About The Truth Of The Susan Rice Case

Susan Rice has already been exposed, yet she continues to deny that she spied on President Trump during his election.

“The allegation is that somehow Obama Administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,” Rice explained. “That is absolutely false.

But Former CIA operations officer Scott Uehlinger disagrees, reminding us that while Rice did not technically break the law, she broke the “spirit on which the laws were designed.”

“I think it’s an issue which deeply concerns people like myself, and other people, working-level officers in the intel community,” Uehlinger explained. “Even though at this point, there seems to be no evidence of breaking the law, this ‘unmasking’ of people was ill-advised at best. I think it really shows that abuse of power and the fact that many people in the Obama administration were willing to violate the spirit of the laws designed to protect Americans, perhaps rather than the law itself.”

“As a working-level CIA officer, we were also told my upper authority, you’re always told to—and the quote it—‘avoid the appearance of impropriety,’” Uehlinger explained. “Well, this does not pass that smell test, definitely.”

Check out the full interview below and tell us what you think. Is it time for Rice to come clean?