BREAKING: 2 Muslim Women Arrested Outside Of Trump Tower

Two women in their early 20s dressed in traditional Muslim hajibs were arrested this morning by the Secret Service outside of Trump Tower. The women, who refused to stay in designated protest zones set up across the street and down the block, were charged with disturbing the peace and terroristic threats.

According to an officer on scene, they were shouting in Arabic, which was making many of the Trump supporters who were there to catch a glimpse of the First Lady very uncomfortable. That’s when they began shouting the known terrorist war-cry, “Allahu Akhbar.”

It was at that time that their intentions were clear and they were arrested. A lawyer for the ACLU immediately came to their defense, stating that the words simply mean “God is Great” in their native tongue and that the women are protected under the first amendment. Neither of them are US citizens.

Should these two women, who are here to go to college and are probably collecting welfare have a !~st amendment right to anything? Last time we checked, screaming like a terrorist isn’t allowed. Especially so close to the New York White House.

Bravo, officers. Great job!

It’s just SICK that they thought they could do this.

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