BREAKING: How OBAMA Ruined Trump’s Syrian Bombing Campaign

This is about as unacceptable an act of treason as anything we’ve ever seen before.

President Trump wasn’t about to set some red line in the sand and then watch as Assad crossed it like Obama did. President Trump is a man of action. That’s why when scores of people were killed in Syria with sarin gas from Assad’s arsenal, Trump was eager to respond. He took out the airbase from which the attacks originated with more than 50 Tomahawk missiles, costing nearly $80 million.

This morning we found out that the base had been deserted and that there was virtually no damage to Syrian assets on the ground. The attack was a complete and total failure. That, however, is not the whole story. According to sources embedded in Barack Obama’s Deep State shadow government, Assad was warned ahead of time to get his military out of the way…by Obama himself.That’s right…in order to make Trump look like an inept leader whose lack of experience is nothing but dangerous and expensive, Obama, working with Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, gave Assad at least 2 hours notice; plenty of time to evacuate his planes and personnel. There were never any Russian troops or equipment at that particular base, which was another reason it was chosen.

Trump’s DOJ is investigating the Deep State’s involvement, trying to find a definitive link. For this one, they’re saying Obama most likely made the call himself from a secure satellite phone to keep the circle close and closed..


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