Trey Gowdy And Family Forced Into Protective Custody

The US Marshal’s Service was called in this morning to take over security for Trey Gowdy and his family after credible threats against him surfaced from multiple sources. Typically the job of protecting a high-ranking congressional member like Gowdy would fall to Capitol Police while he’s in Washington and local or state police when he travels to South Carolina.

The Capitol Police made a plea this morning to both the Secret Service and the Marshals when they realized there was a conspiracy to kidnap Gowdy’s family and assassinate the congressmen when he showed up with the ransom. The plan, according to FBI analysts called to help, had little to do with money and more to do with silencing a major investigative force in congress.

The Secret Service had to decline, being stretched so thin with President Trump’s large family, but the Marshals were happy to oblige. Within the hour, Gowdy’s family was safely escorted to an undisclosed location and a working apartment was set up inside the Capitol building for Gowdy so he can continue to do his job. He will also have 24-hour armed protection from federal agents, both uniformed and plain-clothed.

“The decision to stay in the Capitol was Mr. Gowdy’s,” a spokesman for the Marshals Service told NBC4, “We wanted to evacuate him but he wouldn’t go. The option for him to basically live in the building goes against standard protocol, but in this case we felt the exception was in the best interest of the American people.”

So far, nobody has been detained and the FBI has very few leads on where to begin, according to James Comey, who can’t seem to figure out who Trey Gowdy spends most of his time investigating. “To automatically implicate Secretary Clinton or President Obama would be an overreach at this time,” he told a staffer who wishes to remain nameless.

There may not be any evidence yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar Trey Gordy will find it.

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Gowdy’s response is amazing. What a patriot!