BREAKING: It’s Happening To Melania Trump Again… This Is Wrong

On Tuesday, legendary fashion designer Stefano Gabbana got into it with his fans when he shared a picture of First Lady Melania Trump wearing Dolce & Gabbana. Melania was wearing the designers $2,895 Turlington jacket in her first official portrait.

“BEAUTIFUL,” Gabbana wrote when he shared the photo of Melania in the historic moment.

Liberals were outraged with Gabbana’s issue with his decision to celebrate the first lady—even though the post had nothing to do with politics. One Instagram user even labeled the posting “disgusting.”

“Vai a cagare,” Gabbana wrote back—translating to “Go to hell.”

Stefano Gabanna has frequently posted pictures of both Melania and Ivanka Trump since Donald Trump won the presidential election back in November. And he’s regularly attacked for showing even small signs of respect.

What do you think? Is this absolutely ridiculous?

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