They’re Doing It Again… Impeachment Process Makes Major Movement Again

Caambridge, Massachusetts along with other municipalities around the US are voting to impeach President Trump.

A city in the state, along with a handful of other municipalities across the country, in calling for an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump based on potential conflicts of interest. On Monday, Cambridge city Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution calling for the U.S. House to begin an investigation.

The resolution is similar to other calls to action by other city councils, including Richmond, Virginia; Berkley, California; and Alameda, California. But as ABC News reported, in a resignation letter dated January 19 the day before his inauguration, Trump wrote:

“I, Donald Trump, hereby resign from each and every office position I hold in the entities listed,” and more than 400 entities were included in the statement.

Trump’s lawyers have also assured the Americans that all conflicts of interest have been resolved.

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