It Obama 2920 Days To Diminish America’s Standing, Look What It Took Donald To Fix It… Unprecedented

On Friday, Fox News host Eric Bolling reminded Americans everywhere that Donald Trump has just proven why he won the election by a landslide.

“On one hand, now you have a conservative Supreme Court [Justice],” Bolling commented. “On the other hand, even though I disagree with attacking Syria with military force, he acted…very decisively. We talked about it all day. But more importantly—for me—is that he did it with Chinese President Xi right next to him.”

Bolling also argued that Trump’s decision showed other hostile countries like North Korea “who they are dealing with.”

“Let me phrase it this way,” Bolling concluded. “2,920 days to diminish America’s standing on the world stage, 77 days [and] President Trump got it right back to where it should be.”

We’re not expected liberals to embrace Bolling’s assessment, but we couldn’t have phrased it better ourselves. Even former Obama administration senior officials expressed support for Trump’s decision.

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