Syrian Survivor Rips CNN A New One For Their Silence, Trump Is Hero, Where Were You?

CNN anchor Brook Baldwin was clearly frustrated when a Syrian refugee appeared on the show with a very different opinion than what we’ve been hearing from Trump’s critics about the recent attack.

Kassem Eid survived a 2013 chemical attack in Syria. Following the recent airstrikes against President Bashar al-Assad’s government after another chemical attack this week on civilians, Eid appeared on CNN to talk about the incident with Baldwin.

“What you did was amazing—what you did was a powerful message of hope for a lot of people inside and outside of Syria,” Eid said directly to Trump in a display of gratitude.

Baldwin’s face, while Eid is talking, is incredible. It’s clear the narrative is not going the way she wants it to—especially when he starts attacking CNN.

“I didn’t see you three days ago when people were gassed to death, when civilians were gassed to death,” he argued. “I didn’t see you in 2013 when 1,400 people were gassed to death. I didn’t see you raising your voice against President Obama’s inaction in Syria that led us refugees…that made us refugees get kicked out of Syria.”

Eid also made it clear that Syrians are hopeful they can stay in their own country.

“If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please, help us stay in our—in our country,” he added. “We don’t want to come to the United States. We want to stay in our country, with all due respect.”

“This is hypocrisy. If you really care, if you really care, help us stay in our country,” he continued. “We don’t want to become refugees. We want to stay in our country.”

You can watch the full segment below.

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