BREAKING: Two Guards Found Dead At Ecuadorian Embassy, Julian Assange Missing


The Ecuadorian embassy in London is on lockdown and a massive manhunt is underway as it was discovered this morning that Julian Assange was likely kidnapped from the guest bedroom he was occupying. The two guards posted at his door were both killed “with military precision.”

It’s no secret that Assange has made his share of enemies, but it seems unlikely that anyone would take him in an official government position. President Trump has shown no interest in going after him and the Ecuadorian government has made it clear that they won’t turn over political refugees.


That only leaves one possibility: a private citizen with the motivation and resources to take out Assange. The fact that he was taken and not murdered means that someone needs to know what else Wikileaks has in store.

Considering the main target of Assange and Wikileaks was the Clinton campaign, hopefully investigators are taking a good long look at them.



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