Michelle Obama Reveals Herself Again With Horrifying Announcement

Americans were excited to see Michelle Obama out of the White House after eight years of watching her spend taxpayer dollars on lavish and unnecessary vacations. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Michelle isn’t planning on staying out of the public eye. In fact, she might not even be done with politics.

The former First Lady was just announced as the keynote speaker at the WorkHuman® 2017 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference is being held at the end of May.

“Michelle Obama has inspired us in every sense of the word,” Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce® said in a statement. “As First Lady, she was wholeheartedly dedicated to the human cause—striving to uplift others, improve the quality of life for people around the world, and giving a voice to the people who often go unheard. She has long recognized the importance of diversity of ideas and people, and the fundamental need for people to feel valued and appreciated.”

“We are honored to host such a strong leader,” Mosley continued. “Michelle Obama’s energy and passion will help propel the WorkHuman movement and inspire top senior HR leaders in the world to create more human workplaces where employees feel a sense of belonging and can be their most authentic selves.”

Michelle has clearly just stayed out of the public eye while she plans her return to the speaking circuit. She’ll continue to make an absurd amount of money for each appearance.

Source : americannews.com