BREAKING: Beloved Fox News Host Gets Some Tragic News… Please Pray For Her

Fox News fans have been sending their prayers to host Gerri Willis in the last year, as she’s been battling breast cancer. On Wednesday night, Willis returned to Fox Business Network to discuss defeating cancer, and in a testament to her bravery, she showed up without her wig.

“It’s been a real journey. I had a mastectomy of my right breast…I then went into chemotherapy—eight treatments over four months,” Willis said. “The ‘red devil,’ which is the really caustic chemotherapy, then Taxol. Then after that, I had breast reconstruction and then finally five weeks of daily treatments.”

Willis went on to say that the most emotional part of her journey was losing her hair.

“That was the second chemotherapy and it fell out after that,” Willis continued. “A little note to self if this ever happens to you—just shave your head, to begin with, because pulling your hair out in lumps is a real drag…My priority is getting better, who cares about my hair.”

Willis urged her fans to stay ahead of their health and get mammograms so they can find out if they have the disease early.

“If you are worried about this…I know a lot of people who stay away from the mammogram for that reason alone… you have to take care of yourself,” Willis said.

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