Trump Defies Left With Brilliant Move — You Will Cheer

We live in a truly Orwellian world or, perhaps, it is more of an Aldous Huxley dystopia. Either way, when a government finds itself ensnared by the “controversial” act of providing security for the nation’s citizens, all reason and rationality have departed.

President Trump’s idea of a passive method of stemming illegal immigration, his proposed Wall, has been the target of unprecedented vilification. When Trump told a cash-strapped nation that Mexico was going to pay for it, the Left lost their minds.

A steady stream of Democrats and immigration activists paraded before cameras telling the world that the President’s idea was going to fail.

Well, it looks like they forgot to tell Trump that. News reports House Republicans have submitted a bill for consideration that would tax at 2 percent the money transferred out of the country by immigrants. Mexicans are by far the largest group of immigrants in the United States and send the most back home. The bill, if it becomes law, could net up to $130 billion a year, no small chunk of change.

Republican congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama is quoted as saying, “This bill is simple—anyone who sends their money to countries that benefit from our porous borders and illegal immigration should be responsible for providing some of the funds needed to complete the wall.”

Before any liberal reading this decides to rush out and paint a “Trump is a Xenophobe” sign, they may want to consider that the proposed 2 percent tax is rather small compared to the international average of 8 percent. Even refugee welcoming Canada levies a 12 percent penalty on immigrant money.