O’Reilly Will Get Payout Of Tens Of Millions Of Dollars From Fox News

Bill O’Reilly isn’t leaving Fox News unrewarded!

Fox News will award O’Reilly with a maximum payout of one year’s salary that will worth tens of millions dollars.

The sources reviled that the new contract O’Reilly signed in March-previous to The New York Times exposure concerning his sexual misconduct allegations – mirrors the actions of former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.

This is a remainder of Alies contract, which worth roughly 40 million, after resigning during sexual harassment allegations back in 2016.

Although the sources sustain that O’Reilly won’t receive a full payout like Alies, according to his contract which extends through the next presidential election and is supposedly worth $25 million a year contains certain “outs” guaranteeing he will not be leaving empty handed.

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source : donaldtrumpnews.net