Chelsea Clinton Goes Head To Head With Trump, Loses Everything…

Ever since her mother lost the presidential election, Chelsea Clinton has gone on rant after rant about President Donald Trump. Last week, she took things to a new level when she encouraged Americans to “rise up” against our nation’s leader. Of course, it didn’t take long for her comments to backfire.

During an interview for her cover story for Variety, Chelsea commented on how much she loves the Broadway show “Hamilton” because it “encourages resistance.

“I think it’s a real challenge to anyone who thinks this is not the moment to stand up and speak out because this is certainly not the moment to be silent,” Clinton said. “Whether you want to share your voice on stage or on Twitter or on the streets, we need everyone to rise up.”

Here’s the tweet from Variety with the story below:

In the piece, Chelsea also claims that the best advice she ever received came from her mother.

“Maybe it isn’t so much advice, as just the example that she set for me growing up, where I certainly always saw her work hard, but I never doubted I was the most important person in her life,” she claimed. “When my mom traveled, she would leave me a note for every day that she was gone.”

Unfortunately, those little love notes don’t erase the damage she’s caused to the country by her carelessness and manipulation.

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