BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth Gets Devastating News.. Please Send Your Prayers

This week, Queen Elizabeth was disrespected on a massive scale when singer Rihanna choose an extraordinarily bizarre way to pay tribute to the royal’s 91st birthday.

As the queen celebrated her birthday, Rihanna posted several outrageous pictures on Instagram with the British monarch’s head attached to some of her own raciest looks. Some found the tribute funny, but the majority thought the doctored images were “childish” and “disrespectful.”

“It’s rude you know,” one outraged Instagram user wrote. “This is not funny. She’s someone’s grandma. Imagine if it’s yours…Maybe research her life before you take the piss, she had no choice to become the monarch, she’s not even entitled to have individual opinions or be an individual or even her own birth name!”

What do you think? Was Rihanna way out of line here?

be humble.

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