BREAKING: Terror In Major US City, 38 Dead Victims And…


Sadly, the violence is the city of Chicago does not appear to be settling anytime soon. This week, seven people were killed and 31 more were injured in shootings in the city—and that’s just between Friday evening and Monday morning.

According to ABC7, the total number of shooting victims in Chicago this year is 980, with 170 of those incidents resulting in death. The most recent fatal shooting occurred at 7:15 on Sunday when 19-year-old Isaiah Erasmo Sanchez was shot. He was a passenger in a vehicle in the North Sacramento neighborhood at the time.


22-year-old Santwon D. Mobley was also killed this weekend in the South Side Englewood neighborhood as he was exiting a vehicle. He was shot in the hip and pronounced dead at a local hospital just before 8 PM.

Fredrick Stewart, 26, was shot in the left eye and lower back by an unknown assailant on the same day. He also lost his life to the senseless crime.

It’s interesting to note that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and yet gun violence continues to prevail. Clearly, stricter gun control laws are not going to fix this problem.



Source : americannews