Nancy Pelosi Just Receives The Worst News Of Her Career After Mad Attempt To Take Down Trump

For the past few months, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have been attacking Donald Trump. In their blind rage, they have completely lost any connection to what the American people really care about.

A new poll by The Washington Free Beacon reported that more Americans believe that the Democratic Party is “out of touch with the concerns of most Americans” as compared to the Republican Party of President Trump. The results revealed that 67% believe the Democratic Party is “out of touch” while only 28 percent said the party is “in touch.”

These results were terrible compared with the Republican Party. 62% of those polled believed Republicans were out of touch, which 32 percent said they were in touch.

President Trump fared best of all, with 58 percent of those pulled considered him out of touch and 38 percent described him as in-touch.

What do you think? Is the “old school” Democratic establishment clearly losing their influence?

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