Forget Wall Street–Obama’s New Speaking Contract Will Make You Sick

Barry Soetoro Obama, traitor-in-chief, came under fire recently for accepting $400K to speak at the Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald. The symposium on health care for businesses, which is something he knows nothing about, will net him one of the highest paying speaking gigs in history.

That’s not the only thing on his agenda, however, according to The Conservative Post:

Barack Obama has just accepted a speaking engagement at the Milaudinama Mosque in Kalhoun, Yemen, where he will address members of the Muslim Brotherhood loyal to ISIS on the dangers of entering into a war with the United States and its allies. Obama will try to convince leaders of the caliphate to stand down and hold their positions and in return, he’ll negotiate for them to be officially recognized as a diplomatic state.

Obama will only collect $22K for this engagement, which seems to be more important to him than anything. He wants ISIS to remain in power but to stop advancing. He approves of the way Islam treats its people apparently.

A trip to Yemen for a former president is extremely dangerous, so while he collects a meager paycheck for his visit, the taxpayer will pony up an estimated $4.7 million to cover his security while he’s there. There must be a nice golf course nearby.