Team Trump Just Stopped Obama Dead In His Tracks Trying To Screw Millions Of Gun Owners


Barack Obama and his team of constitutional usurpers thought they had answered the question of how to actually go about a massive gun grab just before the liar-in-chief left office. An internal White House memo spotted on a desk in the West Wing was just cleverly scooped up by a member of the transition team there to take measurements and help suggest changes to the new administration.

That’s right, even Trump’s interior decorators are smarter than anyone at the Obama administration.


The memo, which was immediately forwarded to the President-Elect at Trump Tower, referenced an executive action the President was going to enact that would take the right to own a gun away from anyone who had ever committed a crime or been placed on the terrorist watch list. That’s nothing new; he’s tried it before. People who were later found not guilty, paid their debt to society and moved on years ago or were mistakenly placed on the watchlist were having their rights taken away and a federal judge stopped it every time.

This time would have been different, however, with Obama burying the order in a quagmire of bureaucratic red tape at the NSA. Once something is deemed “in the interest of national security,” it takes an act of congress to change it. According to the memo, Democrats would have been willing to filibuster any repeal efforts, causing millions of people their right to bear arms.

Trump reportedly solved the problem immediately by letting the people at the NSA responsible for filing and clearing national security issues know that if they complied with the unconstitutional order, not just their jobs but their whole department would be replaced with a box of notebook paper and a stapler.

That’s how you get things done in trump’s America.