Muslim Teacher Goes Way Too Far

Those poor kids…                                                                                                                                                     .

There are certain things we expect our children will learn in school. When it comes to Islam, we expect them to learn how evil it is and has always been. One Muslim teacher took that lesson to the extreme last week by showing his students why people who worship Islam blow themselves up and informing them about the “glory” of becoming a martyr.

Alham Salahamari, an Egyptian with American citizenship, has been teaching his students in 7th and 8th grade at the Hamilton Middle School in Jocelyn, Wisconsin all about what it means to be a “martyr for Islam.” One student described Muslim heaven to his parents as a “beautiful place where men and Allah are worshiped above all else and 72 virgins await to take care of him for eternity.”

Mike Stempel told local KLJO TV8 that he wants the teacher not just fired but imprisoned:


My 13-year-old kid now thinks he can have 72 whores at his command for eternity if he blows himself up. I want this guy in jail.


The school district suspended Salahamari after an investigation revealed that he was planning to teach a class on how to make an effective suicide vest. How could he possibly have thought was OK?

The police have yet to charge him. Hopefully that will happen soon.


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