BREAKING NEWS: Megyn Kelly Meets Matt Lauer, Gets Herself Fired From Her New Show

Megyn Kelly had her first meeting with Matt Lauer of the Today show earlier…and it didn’t go well. After all of 20 minutes together, Lauer called the executive president of NBC and told him it was either him or Kelly. The network sided with Lauer.

So what happened? According to Lauer’s nosy assistance Jennifer Lemmington, Kelly started the conversation by telling Lauer that his time as the lead on Today was over and that it wouldn’t be long before the whole “outdated design” of the show was scrapped for a daytime version of “The Kelly File.” Lemmington told Reuters:

It took them all of 20 minutes to start yelling at each other. The scene was pretty ugly. Matt is an easygoing guy but Megyn Kelly is…I’m sorry to say it but she’s a bitch. She told him he’s unprofessional and ‘old-school.’ He gave her several chances to back down and apologize but she wouldn’t. He picked up mthe phone and 5 minutes later the bitch was being escorted from the studio.

NBC hasn’t released a statement and Lauer has been unavailable for comment. Megyn Kelly hasn’t said much but when approached by a reporter from TMZ, she reportedly told him she would just “go back to Fox News.” The reporter commented that they seemed pretty desperate these days and Kelly just laughed.

Sorry, Megyn, but you’re not that good. You may have just bit the hand that feeds you a little bit too hard. Hopefully you saved some cash from your last gig to get by.

She really thinks she’s special. She’s not.

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