Geraldo Rivera Goes Rogue, Crushes Liberal Media Machine For Attacking Trump… No One Expected This


Even though Geraldo Rivera is considered one of Fox’s most liberal reports, he came to the President’s defense against multiple unfounded accusations against Trump.

“Attack [Trump] with reckless abandon & it tanks #stocks, spreads uncertainty among our allies & joy among our enemies,” Rivera wrote on his Twitter account. “Whatever you think of [Trump] imagine how daunting it is to go to work each day surrounded by rats.”


“Impeachment talk is lazy, uninformed & reckless – Still no underlying crime. #ComeyMemo does not spell out #Obstruction @POTUS has rights too,” Rivera wrote. “News Flash, @realDonaldTrump hoping @JamesComeyFBI cuts @MikeFlynn some slack because he is a ‘good man’ is not close to #Obstruction.”

“Just askin…does anyone-including @SallyYates-believe @MikeFlynn would have turned #Russia spy because they knew he lied to @MikePenceVP?,” he added. “Let’s say @POTUS told #Russia that ISIS has developed new lethal computer-based bomb designed to bring down commercial airliners. Why not? 1st time leaks is bigger story. @realDonaldTrump defines ‘classified’. Who heard him tell #Russians secret re: computer bomb&ratted him out?”
“#WaPo great paper-but I’m with @realDonaldTrump. To stop the carnage in #Syria we must ally with #Russia. Not in all things, but in this thing,” he wrote. “No way #Classified story-same facts-gets any attention if #Obama still president. @POTUS gets to say what’s secret. #USA not disadvantaged. Hugely hostile media gleefully portrays @realDonaldTrump as bumbling caricature because mocking him rates. He gets to decide what is secret.”

Do you agree with Rivera for once?


Source : americannews