Trey Gowdy’s Son Missing, Capitol On Lockdown, Very Hush-Hush


There is very little coming out of the capitol this hour. If you weren’t one of the half dozen outlets with someone inside, this story probably hasn’t reached you yet. LLOD reporter Skip Tetheluda reports from the GOP wing of the US Capitol:

“There are hostage negotiators from the FBI as well as agents from every intelligence service combing through footage of video cameras as to whether this is worst case scenario or just a matter of a lost boy. The media was immediately hushed out but those few of us who were there in the beginning heard Congressman Gowdy shout in a loud, panicked voice, ‘Goddamit, where the (expletive) is my boy!?’

After the initial rush, congress went into a section 46 lockdown. If you have a press credential, they don’t want you in there right now.”

At the moment, to allow the agents on site to do their job, we’ve asked Skip not to pursue the story until the section 46 is lifted, at which time we need to know if there were any Democrats involved and was everyone with any connections at all to Hillary Clinton already questioned.


This developing story will definitely be updated.