BREAKING: Trump Makes Huge Social Security Announcement… This Is It Show original message

Politicians nowadays don’t seem to be very honest. Campaign promises that won them hard-fought elections don’t seem to stick around in many cases. That isn’t the case with Donald Trump though; including a little promise he made about social security and not leaving seniors behind.

The Patriot Beacon reports with more:

Trump has refused to levy cuts in the Social Security program or Medicare, saving seniors much needed money. Last month, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney placed a report on his desk that looked at possible cuts to be placed in Trump’s 2017 budget.

I laid to him the options,” said Mulvaney. “And Trump looked at one and said, ‘What is that?’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s a change to part of Social Security.’ He said, ‘No. No. He said, ‘I told people I wouldn’t change that when I ran. And I’m not going to change that. Take that off the list.’”

Social Security has been under attack by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Seniors have paid into the program during their entire lives and they deserve to enjoy its benefits after a lifetime of working hard. We finally have a president who will take major action to stand up for our seniors.

Instead of attacking Social Security, Trump should look at other spending reforms. Fraud in the food stamps program alone is at an all-time high, costing taxpayers over $800 million annually. Getting rid of waste and abuse would go a long way towards making our government more efficient and accountable.

No one has done anything remotely beneficial for seniors in at least 16 years. President Trump continues to prove that he can make America great again.”

What do you think? Is Trump a great president?

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