Obama’s Military Just ‘Occupied’ 2 Unchartered Islands Off The Coast Of Virginia


Obama’s Deep State Shadow Government steamed right up to a pair of islands in international waters off the coast of Virginia this morning, landed, made camp — and claimed the land in the name of “the interests of Barack Obama and other sovereign citizens of the United States.” The islands, which were previously unchartered due to their relatively small size, were never named. They are now Isla Malia and Isla Sasha.

Obama’s “company,” also known as a small military that includes aircraft carrying ships, frigates, and an impressive land assault fleet of Humvees, choppers and other armored toys, is occupying the island under international settler’s law but haven’t officially claimed them for the US. By claiming the island for the interests of the occupiers, they announce their sovereignty and are, essentially, a country unto themselves.

Here’s the beauty of the situation: Obama secured a grant on the day after the inauguration from an official who would resign a week later and simply disappear. That grant was to build a “security company” of highly-trained and loyal Americans willing to risk their lives for contract work abroad. So the United States taxpayer bought Barack Obama an army. According to public records, the grant was for just short of $2 billion. That was just the down payment, says LLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheluda:

“Barack Obama is poised to be a serious force in a short to medium range battle. Not that he could handle the US military, but he could easily take on The Dominican Republic or Honduras. He has perfect credit and a $2 billion down payment. He was able to purchase, perfectly legally, United States military hardware from the manufacturers before they were stamped. My source at the Humvee factory in Corning, Michigan says there is only one photo that he knows of depicting Obama’s new logo. We got an exclusive copy.”

The photo shows that he’s still obsessed with his own last initial but he’s all done including America, land that he hates, as part of it. Skip’s source says thousands of units of all different kinds went out stamped for Obama rather than a world power. He is now officially more powerful than 135 sovereign nations.

The operation is trademarked under international law as “NOS,” which stands for “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” or “New Order of the World.” Analysts are saying that if Obama had any kind of medium to long-range missile capacity he would be well within range of Washington DC, but that would be highly illegal.

For now not only does nobody seem to care, the press aren’t even bothering to cover it. It makes you wonder just how many layers of corruption there are out there.