Maxine Waters’ Own Doctor Just Ended Her Career (DETAILS)


Democrat hero and liberal icon Maxine Waters, who looks like she’s been in Congress for about 104 years, is finally retiring. She has weathered tragedy and scandal for decades, but she couldn’t escape her own mind.


Her psychiatrist, Dr. Lucius Van Pelt, Told TIME magazine in an interview set to be released tomorrow morning:

“Maxine is not well. She probably hasn’t been her true self for years. While her heart remains dedicated to her causes, she loses track of time as a linear function. Just yesterday she thought she was reliving a summer rally in Washington from 1964 and walked around her back yard topless all day.

At this point, considering she’s looking to vote in favor of a trade embargo against Japan for making such a nice car, I would have to call her unfit to serve in the United States Congress.”

If Waters won’t resign she’ll have to be removed by a simple majority vote, which the Republicans will gladly provide, then there would be a runoff in a district that has seen no candidate but Waters since 1892.

Between that and the shake-up in New Jersey over the death of Senator Hal Lindsay, Washington is having a tough morning. At least we know that no matter what, Trump is still our president and nothing will stand in his way.