BOOM: Queen Elizabeth Completely Humiliates Michelle Obama For The World To See

Hollywood celebrities seem to be obsessed with former First Lady Michelle Obama and tend to treat her as if she is royalty. So it’s ironic that Chelsea Handler learned during her interview with a British royal expert that Michelle committed a faux pas while meeting Queen Elizabeth.

When Chelsea met with FEMAIL columnist William Hanson to learn the proper etiquette for meeting the Queen, Hanson cited Michelle as an example of what not to do. Hanson explained that the most important sign of respect is not to touch the Queen in any way except for shaking her hand.

“We don’t want to kiss Her Majesty the Queen, we don’t want to put an arm round like Michelle Obama did,” Hanson said. Of course, he was referring to the infamous incident in 2012, when Michelle Obama famously put her hand on the Queen’s back. It was clear Queen Elizabeth was not amused.