Eric Trump Charged With Manslaughter For Saving A Life

Eric Trump faced charges of manslaughter early this morning when he was involved in a citizen shooting in preservation of human life. Trump came upon a store being robbed, drew his weapon, confronted the robber, who was armed with a knife, and shot him in the face when he lunged.

The problem is, this happened in the (G)Bay state: Massachusetts. Eric was visiting Boston with his family. You see, in liberal hell, to have a weapon on you at all means you’ve gone through seventeen state-mandated courses at $1100 each, registered your fingerprints, DNA, sperm, retinal scan and cord blood if you happen to have any stored and obtained the proper certification ($92) and then, of course, the license ($118).

Even had Eric done all of that or submitted the proper paperwork with the state to reciprocate his rights from another state ($175) you’re still not allowed to fire a gun in a liberal nightmare scenario unless the bad guy has a gun…to defend himself with.

So…all is fair in love and liberalism.

Needless to say, Eric Trump was released before he was ever even arrested, took his family and boarded their US Air Force Osprey with Secret Service and headed back home. President Trump, after calling Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and pardoning his son for having his 2nd Amendment rights violated, told the White House press room that the incident was internally handled and isn’t an issue.

The founders would be so proud right now.