BREAKING: Trump Allows Trey Gowdy To Use The Executive Bunker After ‘Very Credible Threat’ To His Life


Trey Gowdy got to witness what it is like for the Chief Executive when the call comes to take him to the Executive Bunker. His feet might have hit the ground a couple of times, but probably not.

That’s because of the “credible threat” received by both the FBI and the Secret Service that Trey Gowdy was being targeted by professional assassins. When Trump got the word and learned that his bunker was the safest place to immediately house Gowdy, he immediately made it happen.

That isn’t so simple, come to find out. In order for someone besides the President to use the Executive Bunker, the President also has to be sheltered in place and there can be no imminent threat of attack against the USA. If those conditions are met, the President signs an executive order to detain the individual in question and restrain and protect them until the threat is over.

An aide in the White House said on condition of anonymity that part of the cause for alarm was the threat of a projectile bomb meant for Gowdy disguised to look like a terrorist attack. Another scenario put snipers all over Washington. In either case, making it publicly known that Trey Gowdy is no longer available and working their leads will hopefully yield results.


Source : freedomcrossroads