Libtard Hero Rob Reiner Who Wants ‘All Out War’ Is Hiding A Lot Of SICK Secrets

Isn’t it funny how liberals always accuse conservatives of being violent when they are the truly violent side? Weenie Snowflake hero Rob Reiner took to Twitter last night to call for an “all out war” against Trump supporters in the newest incident of “tolerant” liberals inciting violence against their fellow Americans.

(We’re not even sure how that’s covered by “free speech” since he’s literally calling for a war, but there are always double standards for them, aren’t there?)

What Reiner wasn’t counting on is the investigative team right here at Freedom Crossroads digging up the lies from his twisted double life. According to various court documents, police reports, our exclusive sources in the intelligence communities and eyewitness accounts, Reiner has been involved in all sorts of sick situations over the years — from helping the criminal Clintons get rid of enemies to to aiding Cory Booker’s baby parts selling business; Reiner has had his disgusting liberal paws in all of it.

Reiner has also been implicated in trying to help Bill Clinton hide evidence of his affair with Monica Lewinsky and the truth about Obama’s real birthplace! There isn’t a single major Democrat controversy that Reiner has not been involved in over the last two decades, according to the evidence.

According to Federal investigators, the intelligence community has a file on Reiner that’s 10 feet tall and they have been building a case against him for years. Hopefully he goes down with Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Bill, the thieving Obamas and the rest of the criminal liberal idiots.

This story is still developing and we will bring you details as soon as they become available.