Famous Singer Refuses To Celebrate The 4th Of July Because It’s A ‘White Man’s Holiday’

This year’s Independence Day held a tension that we haven’t felt in previous years. Spurred by the divisive presidency of Barack Obama, many liberal groups within America have turned their backs on our country and refused to celebrate.

It began with celebrities being interviewed about their plans for celebrating this year, and their responses were shocking.

Well-known activist filmmaker Christopher Phillips said he ‘feels unmotivated’ to celebrate our country, and resentful that police officers were not sent to jail for shooting black men.

“Justice apparently doesn’t apply to all people. A lot of people have lost hope,” he said.

Janette McClelland, a black singer from New Mexico, echoed that sentiment.

“It’s a white man’s holiday to me. It’s just another day. I’m not even going to even watch the fireworks. Not feeling it,” she said.

And Philadelphia Tribune writer Michael Coard argued that African-Americans should not celebrate July 4th because at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, “slavery was legal in 13 colonies, which means 20 percent of the population was held in brutal bondage without liberty or happiness or a real life.”

What do you think of these comments?