BREAKING: Fox News Fires Controversial Anchor For Disrespecting President Trump On Air


This report is being released by the Washington Post at 9 AM Sunday morning. You have until then to beat them to telling everyone this menace is gone:


Fox News has given controversial homosexual and afternoon anchor on the network for 13 years Shep Smith the boot after a segment he did live went way too far.

Smith, trying to be some kind of “voice of reason” on the network, asked openly why the Trump administration feels the need to lie:

“If you haven’t done anything wrong you have no reason to lie. It’s gotten to the point where the truth is almost non-existent.”

That’s a pretty damning statement for someone who works for a mainstream media outlet. Shep Smith’s statements immediately went viral in liberal circles, giving the left yet another win in what has been a miserable month for the right.

Every other anchor and personality at Fox News has stood behind their president while the journalists at other networks have been busy preparing America for the end of the most ridiculous administration the nation has ever seen, and we lived through Dubya.

Apparently the libtards at the Post think President Trump is in danger of being removed. He should know, if that happens, the Patriots of America will rise up from our couches and lawn tractors and Hoverounds and take our country back.