Chuck Schumer’s Daughter Katie Dragged In Handcuffs Before A Federal Judge

Katie Schumer, 17, daughter of US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, was arrested today by federal officials for trying to cross the US border from Mexico with more than $300K in cash and a pound of killer marijuana. Her attorney says the money was hers and nobody could prove otherwise and that the marijuana was a gift from a Mexican friend.

Schumer says she didn’t understand that you have to declare any cash over $10K at the border and thought that her forged California medical marijuana prescription was sufficient to bring a pound of Mexicali kind bud for her friends to enjoy at her next kegger.

Schumer was brought before 21st District Federal Judge Warren Wilekenmeyer, who put her in holding until she can be properly counseled and appear for a bail hearing. Her attorney, Leonard Ehkmenson, says she’ll have her hearing and be free to go by morning.

Senator Schumer’s office released a statement saying that the Senator and his wife are both disappointed in their daughter and in themselves for “such a horrible parental fail.” They said they stand behind Katie and will do whatever they have to to get her help.

In other words, poor, entitled little rich Democrat gonna rely on some kind of “diagnosis” to become a strain on the insurance her father gets that you and I pay for. Look for her to enter some sort of country club to get the stress relief and therapy she needs for being a little criminalwho thought her name would get her across the border.