BREAKING: Spicer Takes New Job An Hour After Resigning, Stabs Trump In The Back


An hour after walking away from his job as White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer walked into the Washington DC studios of MSNBC. He was there, according to our source on the inside, to work out when he’ll begin appearing on their network regularly.


He hasn’t outright confirmed it yet, but an internal MSNBC memo states that a spot on the permanent panel of Morning Joe is being offered to “a White House official who will be seeking employment shortly” dated a week ago. Morning Joe and his co-host, Mika, both tweeted that “Big News” is happening at the show.

The White House doesn’t have a comment on anything related to Spicer as it is busy “transitioning into its next public face.” The absence of Spicer, according to Jeff Derpinger of the White House Office of Information and Propaganda, won’t be felt for more than a few hours:

“The next press briefing will show how a consumate professional does this job, not someone who made promises he couldn’t keep about his ability to command public audiences.”

President Trump is said to have thrown his hands up at the news, taking the rest of the day off to decompress before a weekend of golfing with diplomats in New Jersey.

Sean Spicer announced his departure from the White House on Twitter but hasn’t updated his status to include MSNBC as his new employer. We’ll update the story as soon as he does.