“Experts” Claim That Woman Would Beat Trump If Elections Were Held Today, Here’s Why

On Tuesday, Public Policy Polling released a poll suggesting that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) would narrowly defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election if it were held today.

In its report, the liberal polling company notes that Harris is one of several candidates who are ahead of Trump in hypothetic matchups.

“Trump loses by wide margins in hypothetical matches against Joe Biden (54/39), Bernie Sanders (52/39) for reelection. Trump loses 12-13% of the folks who voted for him last fall to either Biden or Sanders. Trump also trails in hypothetical contests against Elizabeth Warren (49/42), Cory Booker (45/40), and Kamala Harris (41/40),” PPP writes.

Harris has already started leading the pack of potential contenders for the Democratic nomination. She has already established a name for herself and raised money.

Earlier this week, a fundraiser reportedly told The Hill that Harris is “absolutely” running in 2020.

Source : americannews.com