BREAKING: Julian Assange Just Tweeted Asolute Proof Hillary Is A Criminal

Julian Assange has just tweeted his magnum opus. Of everything he has found and all he has exposed, this is by far the most incriminating, and it even involves Bill. The tweet seemed a little cryptic, but very confident:

It took some digging as the case number isn’t listed in the Arkansas database. That means it had either been removed or never existed. We sent correspondent Skip Tetheluda to the scene where he delivered this report:

“Arkansas has a law about expunged cases that they can be reviewed for educational purposes after 30 years, so we lucked out on this one. It’s not in the system but a hard copy does exist. The case in question was originated by a grand jury indictment of Bill Clinton for sexual assault and fraud.

The docket number in question on January 12th, 1982 is listed as “closed session” but court reporter transcripts show the state Attorney General and Hillary Clinton alone with the judge, speaking about Clijnton like he’s guilty and using terms like ‘for the greater good of the state of Arkansas’ and ‘or we’ll be dragged through the mud.’

The gist is, Bill Clinton was indicted and was most likely guilty of scamming a woman out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for his gubernatorial campaign. To cap it all off, he drugged her when she met him to finalize the details and assaulted her at the Little Rock Howard Johnsons.”

According to Skip, the entire case is just sitting there for anyone who wants to be “educated” to see. While it is also true that the case can’t be used to try someone for a crime in Arkansas, it can be used to spur a federal prosecution, and there is no statute of limitations on election fraud or sexual assault.

No matter what happens, Assange is a true American hero for exposing our worst enemy.