Obama’s Latest Tweet Is Treason


Barack Obama : may have committed treason when he made obscure threats towards our sitting president this morning. The tweet, which was an obvious show of force, left little to the imagination


Obama, as everyone knows, has been busy in his spare time with his new company, NOS Inc, which is basically a small army unto itself. A “security force” of more than 10K ex-special forces soldiers-turned-mercenary supported by nearly a billion dollars in military grade weapons and equipment.

When you add that tiny bit to the mix, you can just picture Obama rolling into Washington on an armored vehicle with a megaphone and 4 million welfare losers in tow. The tweet is clearly traitorous and Obama needs to be tried and executed for treason for trying to create a situation that he can use to form a coup and regain control of the White House.

Our president must do everything in his power to make sure this treason is punished.