Megyn Kelly Officially Receives The Worst News Of Her Life

When Kelly left Fox News to join NBC earlier this year, she thought she had made the best move of her career. Now, her Sunday night shows have plummeted in the ratings and Daily Mail is reporting that “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly” has been canceled.

Though the show has a chance of returning next summer after the Winter Olympics, that will likely only happen if Kelly manages to survive and bring in viewers. Kelly is now hanging on by a thread at NBC. Her morning show “Megyn Kelly Today” is set to premiere at 9 AM on September 25.

NBC insiders say the show will be filmed in front of a live studio audience. Kelly is already filming live segments.

“Megyn is already shooting for the morning show. She was just on the West Coast for a shoot on Tuesday,” a source said.

Kelly has struggled to find a fanbase at NBC, as she lost much of her conservative audience by abandoning Fox News.

Do you think Kelly will find success in the morning show world?