OH NO! Mitch McConnell Just Stabbed Trump In The Back, Look What He Just Did

President Trump is not happy with Senator Bob Corker (R-TN). He then told his Cabinet members this week that Gen. Mattis and Tillerson have prevented chaos from taking over the White House.

According to USA Today, PTrump took credit for killing Bob Corker’s re-election chances. He then denied an endorsement that said that Corker “begged” for one from him.

Immediately after Mitch McConnel defendedCorker from Trump’s criticism and called him “a valuable member of the Senate Republican caucus,” according to the Associated Press.

When asked about Corker, McConnel sidestepped the issue and said: [Corker is] an important part of our team and he’s a particularly important part of the budget debate which will be on the floor next week.”

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