UPDATE: ‘Unarmed Black Teen’ Shot By Cop Wasn’t Unarmed After All

People, especially liberals and the mainstream media, love to second-guess our law enforcement officers as they risk their lives and Wednesday served as yet another reminder of how bad of an idea that is.

23-year-old Darius Darquis Rucker, described as an “unarmed black teenager” on MSNBC and CNN Wednesday, was confronted by a Farmington Mills, New York cop because the police officer noticed a strange bulge in the back of Rucker’s pants consistent with a gun.

According to Rucker’s friend, who was walking with him, “the cops just shot him.” Unfortunately for him, the liberal  push for body cameras has resulted in police being able to disprove the “unarmed black teen” narrative easily.

Rucker was indeed shot by police, but the Farmington Register reports that he was indeed armed:

“Review of the body camera footage reveals that Rucker did reach for a weapon,” Farmington Police Chief Malcolm Reynolds tells the Register.

A handgun was found in Rucker’s possession. Previously, Rucker’s friends and family contended that the gun was “planted,” but video of the incident confirms that the officer was telling the truth.

Rucker’s friend, 27-year-old Calvin Broadus Jr., has been charged with making false statements to the police, which carries a maximum charge of five years in prison.

Rucker’s funeral is Sunday afternoon.

Liberals love to claim cops are racist, but like this officer they are usually just doing their jobs when they are  swept into manufactured controversy.

It’s  time for us to take steps to protect our police from these attacks.