BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Shows Up On CRUTCHES Because She’s Completely Healthy And Nothing Is Wrong


Liberals called us crazy for questioning Hillary Clinton’s health, but a photo from a fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation shows us the truth: something is wrong.

During the campaign Clinton passed out multiple times and had to be taken to the hospital. At times, she appeared dazed or confused during interviews and speeches. Despite all this, liberals swore she is the picture of perfect health.

The Rochester Herald reports that Clinton’s arrival had many talking:

Those who attended the event were shocked when the former First Lady walked in on wrist crutches. Clinton posed for photos and spoke with a few scattered people, but she was clearly tired and left within an hour of making an appearance.

“Something was very clearly wrong,” one attendee says. “She tried to put on a strong face but she seems sick.”

“I hope she’s OK,” another attendee tells the Herald.

Thank God Americans elected Donald Trump. Could you imagine having a President try to deal with the danger presented by North Korea while battling her own demons?


Hillary Clinton needs to quit hiding the truth and be honest with the American people.