UPDATE: White Players Who Knelt To Support ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Fined $750K By NFL

New Orleans Saints wide-receiver Johnny Liota and Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Franz Guzman just had a $750K fine dropped on top of their already too severe 4-game suspension. The two were punished by the NFL for refusing to stand to honor the “victims” of police shootings, aka thugs.

The two instead shouted “Blue Lives Matter” and took a knee during the moment of silence required by the NFL to appease the overwhelmingly black roster. Without the support of black athletes, the NFL wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, so they bow down and cater to their crime-riddled neighborhoods and call the criminals who get themselves killed by police for not following simple instructions “heroes.”

The two players, along with their union representative, have already filed an injunction that was denied by the federal court. The 31st Court of appeals will hear the case sometime this week.

Roger Goodell made a brief statement on the issue, saying the players weren’t protesting but were instead showing themselves to be racists:

“They shopuld be ashamed of themselves. We require that the players show respect when we honor the dead on our fields.”

Even if the dead are a bunch of hooligans whose friends burned down their own towns to mourn them? Black Lives may matter, but they don’t always make a lot of sense.