Vlad Putin Discovers Easy Way To Humiliate Madonna And Rest Of Hollywood’s Anti-Trump Brigade

Ouch. This hurts. Literally there is no coming back from this. It is a lethal blow to the anti-Trump Hollywood brigade.

All full of arrogance and hysteria and ‘do as I say not as I do’ hot air they march on blinded by their own hatred until they stumble into a trap.

And get humiliated.

But this humiliation goes deep. It is not surface humiliation. No, no, no, what was just revealed cuts to the quick and indicts them all.

And helps Trump in ways we can’t even measure at this time.

And for a cherry on top, it absolutely destroys the whole media Trump Russian narrative.

The media exploded with phony outrage, as did Hollywood, over the Russia Facebook stories. The ones where Russia created Facebook groups to push one agenda.

The first reports to hit the media all related to conservative groups Putin created. The left went nuts and called us all stupid for falling for it.

Then the news broke that Putin actually tried to organize or promote conservative meetups and rallies.

Though no evidence ever emerged that any meeting ever happened, the left exploded in phony outrage.

The left said conservatives were duped and worse. They congratulated themselves that they were smarter and only conservative fools would fall for such tricks.

They gloated to anyone on MSNBC or CNN who would have them. In an almost continuous 24 hour Trump bashing loop.

But they won’t be gloating anymore. Not after today and the bombshell report from the Daily Caller.

That said Putin not only did the same with liberal groups, he was actually successful duping them.

In a big way.

For it turns out that the women’s march – remember where half of Hollywood disgraced themselves…I am talking about you Madonna – in an epic Hillary pity party?

Well, as it turns out, Putin and his army of trolls were involved in pushing that march.

Examples of posts that came from Russia that duped the liberals hook, line, and sinker, and promoted liberal causes not conservative causes are below. And they are devastating.

Because these posts we pushed out and promoted by the leaders of the left. Which did not happen on the right.

One post shared by Women’s March’s South Carolina branch read: “I need feminism because my 12-year-old sisters already cares about how much she eats.”

Another said, “We fight to achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women!.”

While another read, “I would rather be the ‘obnoxious feminist girl’ than be complicit in my own dehumanization.”

Where is the media condemnation? The outrage? The arrogant finger pointing?

Don’t hold your breath.